Real Estate Technology Trends 2022

Written by kornelia on 11. May 2022 16:11 o'clock


I'd like to recommend this page to you, and I'll explain why now. Because the real estate industry was one of the last to embrace digitalization, it is actively compensating by following the most popular real estate technology trends.


More startups are likely to receive funding if they use AI and machine learning, which is one of the hottest trends in PropTech.

Because of financial investments, new models, and functions of real estate platforms that are constantly appearing, this industry is already experiencing its best times.

By 2050, the urban population will have increased by 75% to 9.3 billion people.

This means that real estate platforms will grow in popularity and development.

In 2022, the following five major real estate market trends will emerge:

1. Millennials as the primary purchasing group

2. Innovative business models

3. Industry global digitalization

4. Concentration on the local market

5. Altering estate priorities to stimulate business ideas

Many experts believe that without proper technological changes in the real estate industry, many businesses will fail.

As a result, it is critical to not only understand current real estate technology trends, but also to implement them in your business.

The following real estate technology trends will dominate in 2022:

1. websites for buying and selling

2. virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning

3. incorporation of estimated property values

4. CRM software for real estate

5. Big Data and Blockchain

6. Internet of Things (IoT)

7. platforms for real estate crowdfunding

8. Algorithms for artificial intelligence

9. mobile applications


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